10 Important Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

Blogging is one way for you to make money from home and although it is quite easy to set up a blog, making it quite successful as a money-making machine is another thing entirely.

In today’s article, I will go over some of the most important things that you should before starting a blog.

1. Learn About SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. To put it simply, it is a collection of things that a blogger must do to help their pages rank higher on the SERPs.

That being said, you should get acquainted with the different SEO strategies, particularly in the areas of reducing bounce rates, link building, backlinking, and so much more.

2. Know Link Building

Link building is an SEO strategy that will help you create links to your website by creating high-quality and fresh content on a regular basis. When you create your blog posts, you may also link other prominent websites in your niche and that is how to build some backlinks to your website.

3. Always Go for Quality than Quantity

Back in the day, people can get away with churning articles left and right just to get as many people to view a website as possible. That has since changed ever since search engines changed the way they view websites.

That being said, there is now more emphasis in creating high-quality, long-form content. That means that you want lengthier blog posts that are rife with information that helps people solve a problem, entertain them, or contain something that is valuable to them, etc.

4. Use Internal Links

For those of you who do not know, internal links are just some links found on your blog. You should add internal links to every relevant blog post to ensure that your audience will stay longer on your website (thus, help improve your page ranking).

5. Try Guest Blogging

Do you know why SEO is important? The main reason why you should do SEO is to help drive more organic traffic to your blog. The more people that come to your platform, the better your chance of monetizing your own blog.

Anyway, you should also try guest blogging where you go to a prominent site in your niche, ask if you could write blog posts as a guest, and then also add links to your website somewhere in the article. This way, you can gain more traffic since your post was features on a popular site.

6. Use Social Media the Right Way

You could stay that social media and a blog are cut from the same cloth. That is because they are part of a networking web where you can entice people to go to your blog by being active on social media.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people know how to use social media as a means of promoting their blog. They think that they can just post a link to their posts and be done with it. This is the wrong way!

The right way is to actually create high-quality content, tag prominent figures in your niche (by also engaging with them on a regular basis), and then see the numbers go up.

7. Always Use High-Quality Images

Nothing can push people away from your blog posts than seeing low-quality stock photos. Always use high-quality imagery to help your audience get engaged while reading what you have to write.

8. Expert Formatting is Needed

As much as you just want to write, write, write on your blog, it is important to format your blog posts as well. Think about using headers, using margins, use bullet points if you want to convey fast information, use bolds or italics to prove a point, and so on.

9. Use the Power of CTAs

You might think that a CTA or Call to Action is only used in affiliate marketing or e-commerce platforms, but that is actually not the case. Call to action simply means that you compel your audience to act upon a certain something; whether it is to read more of your (relevant) blog posts or clicking on your affiliate links or whatnot.

Every single blog post should contain some sort of call to action so that you can get more results by doing it this way.

10. Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing

There is a reason why influencer marketing is popular in recent years. Think of them as people who have a massive following and anything they can say may make or break a certain entity.

Having said that, collaborate with different influencers to gain more audience. Of course, you may need to offer something in return like a shout out on your blog or something that is of value to them.