4 Interior Design Techniques For Loft Living

Lofts are exciting places to live in because they allow a lot of creativity when it comes interior design. No matter where your loft is located, it gives you the freedom to experiment and think outside the box. These tips might be able to help you. However, if you need some help from a professional, feel free to consult a top interior design company in Malaysia (or anywhere you are in the world).

1.Can’t hang art pieces on brick walls

Since your walls are concrete, and made of bricks, it wouldn’t be able to hold a nail. The solution? Just try leaning your photo frames and art pieces against the wall. Framed posters and house plants against walls create an artsy, cool vibe.

2.High ceilings

Cover your walls with tapestries or tall vertical art pieces. If you want your place to feel even more homey, decorate the walls of the entire room. There are tons of wall décor ideas online that you can replicate! Some people even try painting murals, while others consider huge bookcases.

High ceilings is already a part of loft apartment design. These high ceilings would allow you to utilize tall, elegant furniture pieces!

3.Cold Textures

Another defining feature of the loft apartment style is the industrial texture, from concrete and brick to metal and exposed ducts. You can warm it up by using furniture pieces that feature luxurious, soft fabrics.

Using natural wood also brings a touch of the outside world to your home, including wood tables, chairs, and shelves. This is especially great if you happen to have a view of a park or other wooded area. The same effect can be had with lots of house plants! And if you have lots of big windows, they’ll have no problem getting all the sunshine they need.

4.Lacking Color

Combat all the metal and concrete with warm colors. Paint the walls, floors and columns bright colors in order to lighten them up. Utilize colors like yellow, orange or red to soften all the cool colors. By doing so, your home will become even more welcoming and inviting.