Does Your Choice of Web Host Have Any Bearing on Your Website’s SEO?

Every website owner should know that search engine optimization or more commonly known as ‘SEO’ is very important. It is basically a collection of factors and criteria that, when done well, will give your website a much higher page rank on the search engine results pages or SERPs.

That being said, one of the most common questions asked by many is that does your choice of web host affect your website’s SEO performance? The simple answer? YES!

In today’s article, I will go over the factors that your web hosting provider can do to improve your SEO performance.

Server Uptime

How does web hosting work? Well, when you create your website, it will contain files that would need to be housed inside a webserver for it to be accessible online. That is where your hosting company comes in.

A web host is essentially a huge company that owns plenty of servers that you, the website owner, can use. You are basically paying them for a spot in their servers and these powerful computers are built to run 24/7 as they are housed in data centers.

That being said, servers, or at least their components, can fail at any time without a moment’s notice. That is why your website could potentially go down until the server is fixed.

A good hosting company ensures that their servers are well-maintained so that your website should, theoretically, be up all of the time. If server uptime is consistent, then that means that your page rank will go up as well.

Fast Page Loading Speeds

One of the main ranking factors that Google has set back in 2018 when it comes to improving one’s page ranks is page loading speeds.

According to the said company, what contributed mostly to high website bounce rate is the fact that some websites do not load well within 3 seconds. By this, the company meant that the website, with all of its contents, should have loaded within the said timeframe.

Now, that might seem impossible at first thought but a good web hosting company can actually help you achieve that. The fast your website loads, the better your page ranking is going to be.

VPS Hosting and Upward

I understand that shared hosting is quite a popular hosting plan out there, but if you truly want to rank higher than your peers, then you’d want to go at least VPS hosting and above.

That is because, in shared web hosting, your website’s performance might get affected by websites that hog all of the server’s resources. With VPS hosting, that is quickly fixed since you are given your very own resources, albeit your website will still be contained in the same server as others.

Cloud hosting seems to be quite a popular choice nowadays too.


The term geo-targeting means that your website will be shown more towards your local audience rather than in other countries. This improves your local SEO performance.

How does your web hosting provider come into play with this? Well, if their connection is stable no matter where your users are, they will invariably help you achieve the top position in the SERPs.