eCommerce 101: Enabling Technologies


Many online retailers are relying on cloud technology for its scalability, efficiency mobility, availability and flexibility. Cloud communications can be an essential enabler in assisting ecommerce businesses in ensuring personalized consumer engagement all throughout the purchase cycle.

Mobile Applications

More and more people accessing the internet through their smartphones and other mobile devices. This is the main reason why online business owners are focusing their efforts on mobile app penetration. Mobile apps are now helping brands reach out to more potential customers even in rural and remote ideas.

Digital Advertisements

The digital ad industry is rapidly growing. We cannot deny that there is a fast growth of digital communication devices all over the world. This increase in mobile devices is enabling business owners and advertisers to reach a wider set of audiences. Digital ads are flexible, and can be adapted to any type of device like a tablet, laptop or television.

Search Engine Optimization

eCommerce players find it easier to be visible with the help of search engine optimization technology. Look for reputable ecommerce website design services in Malaysia that can help you take advantage of good SEO techniques. SEO can help web pages to be more measurable, realistic and specific.

eCommerce Challenges

High competition.

There are many players dealing with the same business in almost the same ways. With big competition, profitability can decrease because of aggressive pricing strategies.

Poor logistic and supply chains.

eCommerce businesses leverage on the ability to stock many items compared to physical stores. Alongside this also comes the difficulty of addressing supply chains and logistic s networks. Of course, ecommerce team members don’t have skills of dealing commercial value goods. They also don’t have skills related to rechecking returned parcels and handling CODs.

Online Payments.

To cater to more customers, ecommerce businesses need to provide a wide range of payment methods, including cash on delivery, credit card, debit card and internet banking.