How Do You Actually Create a Useful App?

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Look at the title and come up with your own answer. You might come up with something like “include the newest features and trends” or “make its user interface appealing and easy to use” and somewhere along those lines. Although all of them are true, they might not be the reasons why people deem an app useful. Yes, you might have incorporated new features and you might also have looked into the design aspect. But, what happens if the hype dies down? You’re left with an app designers that is just that…an app. You want something that people will love to use and you want to come up with something that can help solve their problems. Here is an interesting fact for you: people at the age of 25 and above are no longer eager to learn. It might be because they’re frustrated with new information and how it is presented and it is also due to the fact that they just don’t have a lot of time. So, how are you going to tackle this endeavor of creating an actually useful app? Here are the things that you can do:

Think What the User Wants and Adjust the Design to Suit Their Needs

There are plenty of different users out there. There are those active ones that seek out the information that they need. There are those curious ones who do not know what they really want, but are still interested to know more about the app. And there are passive ones that although does not want to learn actively, they just want to kill some time by browsing through an application. How do you cater to the individual needs of the user? Well, you have to think like them so that you can adjust the user interface to cater to their needs. For instance, you can implement a search feature for active users, some categories for curious individuals, and a “Featured” list that can help the passive users. Think of how you can best deliver the services to your consumers and it will be easier for you to come up with the suitable design for your app.

Cater to a Larger Audience

Some developers only think of their users as part of a demographic and although you cater your app to suit the needs of a particular few, some people outside of that demographic will probably want to install your app as well. It is your job to produce an application that can cater to a broader audience. Yes, you can implement features that only a particular group can understand, but also make it friendly for the layman as well since there are different types of app users.

Continually Improve Your App Even After Launch

People are fickle in that they have ever-changing needs. To keep your users interested in your app for a very long time, you should not only focus your efforts in acquiring new customers; you also have to keep in mind your efforts for customer retention as well. You do this by continually improving your app even long after its launch. This is where new features and trends come in. Make it modern, unique, and most important of all, usable for your customers as well.


At the end of the day, a really useful app is something that can bring solutions to your customers. It might either be in the form of entertainment or an interactive learning tool that people can digest to pass the time. So long as they remain interested and engaged, then you know that you’ve indeed produced something that is worthy of becoming popular.