Most Common Methods of Sex for Lesbians

There is no “standard” manner for couples in the LGBTQIA+ community to have sex, however we think mutual masturbation is a fantastic place to start! Dildo is also a good start. Buy at


We also feel that one of the reasons gay and lesbian sex provides higher sexual satisfaction than heterosexual sex is that members of the queer, lesbian, and trans communities have a better understanding of each other’s bodies and how to stimulate orgasm. But enough about us; let’s get to the results of the poll.


According to the poll, clitoris stimulation is at the top of the list for 99 percent of respondents. Oral sex comes in second at 95.2 percent, followed by frottage at 79.6 percent. A vibrator is used by 55% of persons to strike their targets.


Do lesbians and gay people wear dildos and strap-ons?

The simple explanation is that some do and others do not. According to the report, 58.5 percent of LGBT and lesbian partners use strap-ons on a constant schedule, while 55 percent use dildos.


Strap-ons, we know, can provide additional opportunities for enjoyment for those who love them. If you’ve tried before and didn’t receive much out of it, try once more with Wet For Her, which is designed specifically for gay couples. Because this brand is founded by women and queer people, they are aware of the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community in terms of harnesses. When utilising a strap-on, it’s a good idea to exchange roles and immediately start giving and receiving.


If you want dildos, you’re in luck since there are plenty to choose from! There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from depending on your preferences and lovemaking technique. Whatever dildo you select, be sure it’s made entirely of silicone.


Is it necessary for one individual to be the dominating one?

No! If you’re making love with a strap-on, one of you may take on the job of having sexual intercourse to the other. Who you choose to play this part depends on your state at the moment!


Isn’t scissoring a good idea?


According to the report, 34% of LGBT and lesbian couples use scissoring during sex on a regular basis.


Some members of the LGBTQIA+ community enjoy scissoring, while others despise it! But it’s worth giving it a shot at least once more to determine whether it’s right for you. If you’re prepared to put forth the effort, the sensation of vaginal on genital action may be quite gratifying. If you’re interested in learning more about scissoring, the new RockHer vibrator was created with scissoring in consideration.


Is sex between LGBTQ couples better because they are familiar with each other’s bodies?


Both yes and no. Yes, because many people have experienced clitoris or genital orgasm firsthand.


What can you do to make gay and lesbian intercourse more pleasurable?


It’s healthier for your sex education to explore for innovative methods of making queer sex more joyful rather than asking how do queer persons have sex. Our gay and lesbian foreplay necessities can help you relax and get the most out of sex, whether you want to attempt anal sex, have more oral sex, or simply need more genital touch.


We hope this article has answered some of your questions about how queer people have sex. Hopefully, we’ve given you some fresh things to try exploring and experimenting with in order to improve your sex life. We all deserve a fantastic orgasm, don’t we?