Seafood Delivery Services To Buy Fresh Fish Online In, For Those Who Have No Time To Visit The Market

Seafood Delivery Services To Buy Fresh Fish Online In, For Those Who Have No Time To Visit The Market.Not every one of us has the time to go to a fish market to get the fresh fish provided in the market. It is also important to know that Malaysia has a lot of marine services created and invented. These are three seafood delivery services that you can buy fresh fish online and are available for people to use.

3 Seafood Delivery Services:

1. Art Of Salmo
The Art Of Salmo sells both pre-filled savoury salmon and seasoning sachets. You may pick from two (about 300 g) for RM42.90 or six (about 900 g) for RM-124.90 filets. They start operating at 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day covering KL and Selangor area and Tuesday to Friday for Penang and Johor Bahru. At their hub which is in SS2, you can purchase directly from them but you have to go there without any transport that can get you there.

2. Fish Club
The Fish Club is in Johor Bahru. Their roots can be tracked leading to generations of Pontian fishermen. They sell various kinds of seafood and the most important part is that their seafood is all fresh. They preserve their seafood well before selling it to the market and to the people. They maintain their freshness via their own recipes. They send the packages and orders every night including huge towns such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Selangor and Penang.

3. Fresh Seafood Malaysia
Fresh Seafood Malaysia was founded by SH Chong, a 21-year-old adult with a knowledge of aquaculture. They have the authority that creates and freezes live seafood with IQF to keep them fresh. These orders are stored in a freezer for delivering them the next business day to make sure that the seafoods maintain their freshness. Their service covers towns such as Georgetown, Johor Bahru, Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan.