Things You Need to Know When You’re Divorcing in Malaysia

A lot of people do not take into consideration the dating phase of relationships. This is the point in time where they know a lot about their partners so that they can make the decision of whether to tie the knot or not.

Unfortunately, even if people are really in love with their spouses in the dating stage, most of the time, things become different whenever they get married. After marriage, they find out that their partners are not the same as before. Because of such things, divorces can actually happen. In Malaysia, the divorce rates have been on a steady incline since 2004 with a whopping 56,760 cases of divorce tabulated from a 2012 survey.

Although this is alarming, it is possible since a lot of people rarely, if ever, get to know their partners to the core. In such cases, you will need a divorce attorney if both of you decide to call it quits. This article mainly revolves getting divorced in Malaysia. For you to be qualified, you need to prove at least one of these four things:


One of the major grounds for divorce in Malaysia (one that is accepted by law) is that your partner had committed adultery. In addition, you also should prove that it is unbearable to continue living your partner because of the incident. Adultery, at least what its deemed in the Malaysia Court, is an act where either of the spouses commits sexual intercourse with someone else. It is important to note that adultery can only be deemed as such if the act is done with a person of the opposite gender.

For you to win the case, you should have evidence that will prove, ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, that your partner had committed adultery.

Due to Behavior

As I’ve said earlier, most couples nowadays rarely get to know their partners to the core, which means that once they’re married to them, they may act quite differently than they were before.

If it has come to a point where it is virtually impossible for you to live with them- either because they became abusive, manipulative, or any grounds that will produce an unhappy home environment- then you can file for a divorce.

They’ve Left You

For it to be qualified as a grounds for divorce, the partner must have abandoned their spouse for at least two years. This means that if you did not consent them to be separated from you, then that can be a reason. Other reasons may include if the partner has separated from their spouse permanently, if their partner had no good reason to not live with you, and if they have left continuously for more than 2 years.

If You’ve Been Separated for More Than 2 Years

Echoing my last statement, you can file for divorce if you and your partner hadn’t been living with each other continuously for two years. However, keep in mind that the court may do its best to salvage whatever is left in your hearts (and relationship), especially if you have children.