Why You Must Never Let Your toddler play with your mobile phone

Electromagnetic Fields

Aside from her baby toys and baby clothes from Malaysia, your baby daughter would, most probably, be crazy over handling mobile phones. Do you know that electromagnetic fields from smartphones have been linked to plenty of developmental disorders, as well as cancer? This is the reason why you must not let your infant play with your smartphone on an extended period of time.

Mobile phones are already a part of our daily lives. They are designed to make our routines more convenient, and our lives a lot easier. We can take them wherever we are, and use them whenever we want. However, constant use can be damaging to young children, most especially babies. Those mobile phones using WiFi, 4G and 3G communicate through electromagnetic fields, and can be harmful for people.

So, what is the most effective course of action for parents like you?

Of course, the best thing you can do is limit the phone exposure of your baby, in accordance to existing safety limits. Safety limits have been developed for usage around kids.

Those safety tests are accomplished for mobile phones, and include plenty of safety components to protect children. Moreover you must know that significant exposure lessens with distance, and can only occur if the smartphone is very close to the body of the baby.

The best thing you can do as of the moment is to make sure that your child wouldn’t make calls, or play with cellphones.