Wireless Networking (WiFi): The Pros and Cons

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For most of us, having access to the internet has become one of the most important basic needs in our daily lives. With the existence of the internet, we now can use technology to communicate, work, travel, shop, and receive any kind of service. Especially during this pandemic season when people are obligated and preferred to stay at home, internet connectivity and digital technology play the most vital essential and can be lifesavers for everyone across the world. 


It is undeniable that we are now living our lives on the internet. Thanks to the internet connectivity, now, students are able to enter classes online, adults can do their work from home, people can connect to each other through social media platforms, and every event can be done just by using the internet as well digital technology. 

Nowadays, if you have a wireless network around you, it will enable you to do basically everything in life. Wireless network or WiFi has become an essential tool in our home as we depend on it most of the time. However, its popularity does not imply that it exists without flaws and wireless networks have their own drawbacks too. In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of having a wireless network or WiFi. 


The Pros of Wireless Network 


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  • Mobility


With the help of wireles network, people are now can access any kind of nformation in a real-time without having to worry of being disconnected from the internet. Not only that, it also provide a network connection for its users without the necessity of physical hardware. Even shopping centers as well as restaurants now provide wireless internet network in their premises and offer their customers with unlimited WiFi. 


  • Convenience


Wireless networks allow users with different devices to share and upload files while sharing the same internet connection. With internet network being wireless, it provide the opportunity for its users the convenience to browse through the internet while moving around freely without being tethered by any wires.


  • Budget-Friendly


The cost of having wireless network at home is not too expensive and it is considered as affordable too. With a single wireless network or WiFi, many people can access to the internet through different devices. Moreover, users do not have to pay for any additional charges such as adapters and cables to use the service.

The Cons of Wireless Network


  • Limited Range


While wireless network offers convenience for its users, the range of it is still limited. People can only use its service in a range 15 to 20 meters. For those who lives in a massive and larger space, they may need more than one wireless network to use it at their range.


  • Security


The security of wireless network has become one of the main drawbacks. The risk of your data being stolen or any Malware installation exists on public wireles network (WiFi) since they are not secure. Unauthorized users are more likely to being attacked with wireless signals. Having a proper security authentication is essential or it may still be unsecured even with passwords. So, you should be aware of its security. 


  • Speed

If we compared wired networks, the internet connection from WiFi is much slower than the other one. However, as long as there a only few devices connected to the internet network, this may not be a problem. The problem is when there are more devices connected to the network, you may notice a significant decrease in speed. As the number of connections grows, the speed of the connections decreases. However, you can go here for 300mbps Unifi package (pergi sini untuk pakej Unifi 300mbps) for a high speed internet connection.